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    Welcome to my blog Simonspoker, a casino blog for all those casino lovers out there.

    There was a time when casinos used to be the territory of old rogues with shady looks, the ones we often see in the old Hollywood movies, right? But today with more and more people being aware and more and more technological developments, people are curious about how to play online poker. If you check out on google, how to play online poker is one of the most asked questions in today’s date.

About Me

Hello everyone, with all these basic information on casino games, you must be left thinking about who is this Simon and what gives him the authority to talk about how to play online poker. Well to those who have already been following me, thanks for making my community grow and those who are new here, I am a certified casino expert who has been teaching the basics of casino games and how to play online poker and video poker since decades through my blog. My aim is to make poker learning a fun thing and make you believe that its not always for money that people play poker, but its more of the fun element attached to it.

Why I Love Poker?

There is no single reason why I love playing poker but there are many. Although I call myself a poker expert, and I am not bragging here, I must say that poker teaches me new things every day, starting from the basics. Poker is not just a game of chance as most people consider it to be, but more of a game of skill. Poker is a sole casino game that teaches you the basics, to read the psyche of the people around and dig deep into what they are thinking about their cards. A few years ago, I was in huge debt and eventually went into severe depression. Poker is the thing that saved my life in those hard days of my life.

Poker Rules and Hand Rankings

Every beginner must familiarize himself with the rules and hand rankings and basic rules of Omaha and texas holdem, which are the easiest and most basic forms of poker, before getting started:

  1. Royal flush: this is the most basic hand of any game of poker which consists of a king, a queen, a jack, an ace and a ten of a single suit of either hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades
  2. Straight Flush: five cards of the same suit in a sequence. For eg: 2,3,4,5,6 of diamonds
  3. Four of a Kind: this consists of four cards that are of the same rank and one kicker card, for eg: kings of all the suits and an eight from any suit
  4. Full House: Consists of three cards that holds same ranks such as ace from 3 suits and two more cards that have the same ranks such as 10s of diamonds and spades
  5. Flush: This consists of 5 cards that belong to the same suit but not necessarily in the order
  6. Straight: five cards in sequence but from different suits.
  7. Three of a Kind: Consists of three cards holding the same ranks, for eg 3 queens and 2 completely unrelated cards
  8. Two Pair: two pairs of matching cards and a kicker card. The one with the highest kicker wins in case of same hand ranking
  9. Pair: a pair of matching rank cards and three completely unrelated cards
  10. High Card: all the five cards in hand is completely unrelated to each other.

Tips to Get Better at Poker

Here are some basic tips for you to become a pro in poker:

  1. try to stay on the button during the game as that is the best position
  2. try to dig into the psyche of the other players
  3. put at least a minimum bet to raise the flop for other players and get out after the flop
  4. turns and rivers are the points to prove your smartness.

Differences between Live and Online Poker

Although there is quite a few difference between online poker and live poker. The biggest and the most basic difference between the two is that the live poker is a real game whereas online poker is a virtual game played on pc or mobile. Other than that online poker is a little faster than the live poker and usually a little harder than that.

Most Prestigious Poker Tournaments


The best poker tournaments of the world are :

  1. The main event of the world series of poker
  2. The main event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
  3. Aussie Millions
  4. World Poker Tour
  5. PokerStars Sunday Million

The biggest of the poker tournaments can be played in the online legal casinos. Other than the tournaments you can also play video poker in the online casinos. The legal online casinos also offer the best casino games that can be played with the casino bonus. The casino bonus is in the form of no deposit bonus. The casino bonus can be used for the first-timers to save themselves from risking their real money and win real money. Stay tuned and learn the basics of poker!

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