Here are some game, explanation, variants, techniques, for different types of poker.

  • Texas Hold’em Limit
  • Omaha poker
  • Stud
  • Razz
  • Poker closed
  • Royal
  • Penney Hold’em
  • Conclusion

During the WSOP, there is a special tournament, the HORSE, at$ 50,000 buy – in. During this tournament, players compete on several types of poker, and players must master them all to win.

Today, Texas Hold’em No Limit is the most played, the most widespread, the most publicized, and certainly the most popular. However, this type of poker is by far not the only one; there are many others, more or less rich, more or less interesting, more or less easy. The purpose of this article is to compile and explain most of them, the most well-known ones anyway.

Try some, because after all, most pro players confirm it, playing other types of poker will improve his game.

Texas Hold’em Limit

It plays exactly like No Limit, except that the bets and raises are limited. In TH Limit, we play a certain amount in pre-flop and post-flop and double it at the turn and river. For example, when we talk about a table at 10-20, we are not talking about blinds, we are talking about 10 in Bet or raise in pre-flop and flop, and 20 after turn and river. When you want to restart, you can only restart 10 or 20; you can’t do more or all-in unless your carpet is lower than the limit of course. The blinds/limits normally increase, as at No Limit.


Each player receives four cards face down. We’ll take out the flop, the turn, the river, like in Texas, but at the kill, we’ll have to play 2 of his cards with 3 of the common cards. Not one and four or none and five, no, two, and three.


At the Stud, there will always be a number of hidden cards and open cards per player, but never common cards (unless you play a lot and don’t have any more cards in the deck, in this specific and unique case you put the remaining card or cards in the middle of the table at the disposal of all players. Imagine playing 9 and having to hand out seven cards per person).


Indeed, the goal of the Razz is to make the worst possible hand, a pair being already too much. Attention, Razz, colors, and suites don’t count at all. The best combination being logically A-2-3-4-5 (High Card 5, no sequel possible).

Closed Poker, or Draw Poker

This poker is the oldest, the poker of “Grandpa”, the one that we played with his parents being small, the one that we always see played in the saloons of western movies.

The Royal

This type of poker is quite recent, some casinos even offer it. If you’re tired of getting low cards in Texas, this poker is for you.

The Penney Hold’em

The Penney hold’em is a poker game with many variations, more or less strategic, more or less crazy, but asking players for a great mastery. This is mostly Texas Hold’em No Limit poker, but with many variations. The world Penney hold’em Championship takes place every August in Geneva.


The current fashion is obviously in Texas, because of its mediatization but also because of its ease of learning. The fact remains, however, that mastering many other types of poker will improve and refine his game, regardless of the poker usually played. Moreover, to be convinced of this, most of the known pro players are also excellent players of other types.