This package contains the files needed to add playing card “smilies” to your WordPress installation.

Fixed to work with WordPress v2.13. please update the file “wp-content/plugins/card_smilies.php” and move all playing card images from “wp-images/smilies” to “wp-includes/images/smilies”. Thanks!




1) Upload and extract the archive into a temporary area of your server.

2) Copy the contents of the “images” directory into your “wp-includes/images/smilies” directory.

3) Copy “card_smilies.php” into your “wp-content/plugins” directory.

4) Activate the plugin from your WordPress administration area.


Once installed you can access the playing card smilies using the following format:


Where ‘V’ is the value of the card (uppercase) and ‘s’ is the suit of the card (lowercase).

For example:

:As: = Ace of Spades
:Tc: or :10c: = Ten of Clubs
:2d: = Two of diamonds


This plugin is quite simple, to customise the images simple overwrite the images installed using this package.

To customise the formats used by this plugin, edit the “card_smilies” array in card_smilies.php.


If you use this plugin on your site I’d love to hear from you, you can contact me at:


I’d also appreciate a link to my website “https://www.simonspoker.com/”, thanks!


This is the first plugin I’ve ever written for WordPress and while it works on my site there’s no guarantee it will work on yours. If you do run into troubles please let me know and I will do my best to lend a hand.