Want a quick way to calculate your bankroll requirements? Try this calculator I found during my virtual travels:


You’ll need to know your win rate (big bets per hour or per hundred hands is the standard way to measure this) and your standard deviation over the same period which if you’re a poker tracker user can be found in your ring game statistics under the “More detail…” button on the “Session Notes” tab.

It should be noted that the more hands you have in your poker tracker database the more accurate this calculator will be. Personally I wouldn’t recommend bothering with anything less than 10,000 hands and many would argue that even this many is no where near enough (and technically they’d be right, so just nod your head and walk away slowly as believe me you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a lecture on statistics from a math geek  ).

If you are interested though there’s a good thread over on 2+2 that covers the topic quite well.

At the end of the day, even if you’re not interested in the math behind it it’s nice to get a feel for what is statistically a correct bankroll to be playing with. While playing within your bankroll is no guarantee of success (tomorrow your playing style may change sending the current numbers out the window) nor should it ever even enter your thoughts once you’ve bought in and sat down at the table (if your bankroll is in your mind at the table it’s affecting your play and that’s a bad thing) it’s still nice to know that, all things being equal, we can determine if we’re playing within our means.

Good luck at the tables!